Wellness coaching is a main component to how we help people succeed. Having a wellness coach in your corner is like having a trusted ally in your success. Most people would like a guru or a secret weapon to help them. At LFC, you can get help with a wellness coach. Wellness coaches are not life coaches. We don't provide an opinion. We help you find what is good and help you get more.

Wellness coaches and personal trainers go at things from different perspectives. With trainers, they take the drivers seat and you go for the ride. With coaching, you hold the wheel and we teach you to drive to a destination that you choose and at whatever pace you wish to feel confident.

In a coaching session, you will establish your vision for the person, life or improvements you want to make. Your coach will help you understand how to structure goals, internalize them and break them down so they are challenging but rewarding. The whole process is underwritten in positive psychology and the goals are increased effectiveness and positive experiences.

We allow members to use a phone or computer to connect to these meetings. They are done in a group format and you will benefit from the power of the group as you see your challenges in the lives of others. You will learn as you witness others going through the same process and succeeding.

The instructor is a certified wellness coach through WellCoaches School of Coaching. It is a flexible structure rooted in science. There are discussions, small lectures and live coaching sessions on each call. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself to look at the good in things and yourself. Sessions can be arranged in private or as part of programming. Use our contact page to learn more.