Exercise + Nutrition + Sauna + Lifestyle + Skin Care = Youth

Fountain of Youth Program

How much younger can you look in 14 days?

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In folk lore, the Fountain of Youth is a spring that restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. And although today people recognize this as a myth, at LFC we believe the fountain of youth is in each of us and just needs to be revealed. Youth feels great, so let us show you how to reconnect with our unique Fountain of Youth program designed to help you look and feel younger.

The LFC Fountain of Youth program integrates exercise, nutrition, skin care, spa treatment and lifestyle activities to help your body lose weight, feel calm, healthy and shed old skin so you look younger and more radiant! We do this by draining your body with exercise, introducing smart nutrition, setting recovery goals, and using steam to feed your skin, bring back color and freshness while you drop inches and remove pounds. In addition, you will eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and jump-start your new health.

This 14 day program consists of integrated approaches timed to maximize their effect with the result being an optimal you. We take an immersion-focused approach to maximize your results.

The Fountain of Youth program includes:

  • Your personal and dedicated fitness and wellness concierge 24/7
  • Go through the experience in a small group
  • Professional coach and trainer to help motivate and guide 24/7
  • Fitness and health assessment and baselines
  • Before and after photos (for your eyes only)
  • Veggie cleanse - detox 5 day
  • Fusion Program
  • Sauna treatment for health
  • Skin cleansing and care
  • Sleep programming
  • Yoga classes to release stress
  • Phone/web coaching group with program director - uplifting, affirming and goal oriented
  • Towel service
  • Optional hair, make-up and fashion consultation with closing ceremony reveal (not included)

The price for this program is $140 per person. You have full use of LFC facilities during the program if you are not a member.