Beat the weight problem once and for all!

This IS the “Last Time” Program

Having extra pounds is not just about the weight; it is about the thoughts. It is about the bad feelings. It is about the low self-esteem and low moods. It is about always feeling judged. It is the clothes. Weight problems are WAY more than thoughts and feeling than weight. However weight is an indication of health and that is why it is important. This is your life and this needs to end. Even if you are have not tried to lose weight before, this can be the solution. This is the Last Time.

  • Will power? That is a failed system. Will power really is not a consideration in a good plan.
  • Gyms can’t help you because they leave it up to you to figure it out.
  • Diets alone take too long, you lose hope, feel deprived and hear the voices.
  • Many weight-loss programs are just fitness programs with starvation.
  • Do it different this time! Lead with your heart then your body will follow.

We help you find what will work for you. We help you discover your own pace. We help you believe in yourself and then find consistency. We help you find optimism and desire and then help you overcome the roadblocks that held you back before. Ultimately this is not about weight; this is about freedom.

To us, we don’t focus on the weight loss, we focus on the human development. We don’t focus on why not, we focus on the process of moving forward. Of course we have exercise and nutrition help but our value is our knowledge of people, our experience in reaching people and our belief in you. The strength is in the weekly coaching.

Here is what you get:

  • Your personal and dedicated fitness and wellness concierge 24/7
  • The power of a small group
  • Professional coach and trainer to help motivate and guide 24/7
  • Fusion Program
  • Passive sauna exercise: Sauna treatment for health and exercise
  • Towel service
  • Finally we take all the strengths of great programs and make them part of ours!

This is about freedom.

This program is four weeks and it meets as a group once per week. We will have day and night web/phone meetings so if you miss one, you can join the other. Meetings will be lead by a certified health and wellness coach who has helped people find better versions of themselves. The cost is $129 per month.