Margaret Anderberg - "Yoga is about Transformation"

Margaret’s yoga journey started in 2005 – out of curiosity as well as to complement her aerobic workouts. It started off solely as a physical practice, but over time it has transformed into a mindfulness and spiritual practice as well. Becoming a yoga teacher is a gift to deeply understand and share her own journey in resilience. She knows that a meditative practice on the mat always helps to bring back grounding, perspectives and strength. The ability to come home to inner strengths through yoga has given her confidence in her own resilience. And she hopes that through yoga she can support others in finding their own inner resource to be strong, confident and resilient.

Margaret received her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certification through Lexington Power Yoga and she teaches Vinyasa Flow classes at All Levels with the intentions to balance strength with grace, and to bring steadiness and ease on and off the mat.

Sukha Living Studio

In Sanskrit, Sukha means ease, and Sthira means steadiness. In teaching yoga, we bring a balance of Sthira with Sukha, pursuing steadiness with ease in every aspect of our living.

Live Every Breath With Ease in every present moment ...........

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