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The Power is within You

You can change your life and your lifestyle if you have the deep desire and determination to do so. You can make quantum leaps in all areas of your life...and although it may sound impossible to some of you at this moment, I promise you it can be done.

You see, we all have amazing abilities and talents within us that we don’t even know we possess...and the secret to awakening these abilities lies in the power of our minds. If you can train your mind to visualize your ability to do something, your inner power will take over... and set the energies of the universe in motion for you...as long as you believe strongly in yourself.

Remaining positive is critical...you must be able to look forward to the future and ahead of where you are today. 

There are particular techniques such as visualizations and forms of meditation that I have personally used throughout my life, which have given me many blessings...blessings of both a material and spiritual nature. And now happily and with gratitude I can pass them on to you, my students in my classes. Please remember that your spiritual chi is precious and powerful...shake off negativity and create clear positive images in your mind...of your dreams and visions and you will begin to access you higher self. You will realize over time that everything you need is already within you - and it has always been there. You just need to become aware enough to recognize it!

YOGA and Weight Loss

Yoga can produce the same weight loss effects as boot camps or rigorous workouts. Doctors and fitness experts say that the deep breathing and slow-poses incorporated in each session can tone the body while also relax the mind. Here are some tips on how you can maximize the weight loss effects of yoga.

Aim to go beyond the burn.

Calories burned during a single session vary from 180 to 360 calories per hour. Vinyasa and Power yoga tend to burn more calories. A workout routine that mixes Yoga with other cardio exercises also accelerate their calorie burning potential. During yoga, your breathing technique heats your body up and flushes toxin out which can boost your lymphatic system. Yoga emphasizes on mind and body awareness, bringing connection of the two. People who practice yoga can become more aware of the food they are eating. It can also help you differentiate cravings from true hunger.

(Source: Ultimate Yoga for Beginners: Guide For Weight Loss, Stress Relief And to Find Inner Peace by Mia Conrad)

Gentle Yoga Flow

Live Every Breath with Ease in Every Moment.

Yoga is a Body & Mind practice that is so good for you both on and off the mat. Learn to find your edge, and then let it go. 

Private Lessons

Are you new to yoga? Or looking for customized instructions for your specific needs? Check with our yoga instructors about rates for a private lesson. 

Sukha Living Studio

In Sanskrit, Sukha means ease, and Sthira means steadiness. In teaching yoga, we bring a balance of Sthira with Sukha, pursuing steadiness with ease in every aspect of our living.

Live Every Breath With Ease in every present moment ...........

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